FAQ – For Prospective Families


When can I take a tour of Lakeshore?
Visit our Tours page for dates and to make a reservation.

Is the Kindergarten day shorter than the older grades’ school day?
The start and end times are the same, but there is less instructional time for Kindergartners. They get added playground time during the school day and an independent study free choice time to connect with their peers and focus on social development. Kindergarteners are released a little earlier than the upper grades, so that they can have full access to the school hallways.

Do Kindergarteners eat lunch with the older students?
No. All Kindergarten classes eat together in the cafeteria. There are several staff and parent volunteers that help your young child open their food and drinks and assist with their lunch needs. There will be a time before lunch recess to educate children about food waste, composting and recycling responsibilities. Lakeshore participates in the new Food Revolution program that serves fresher meals that the kids love. After lunch, children play on their dedicated playground.

Do Kindergarteners share restrooms with the rest of the grades?
No. Kindergarten classrooms have separate restrooms.

Is there homework in Kindergarten?
Yes. The purpose of homework is to reinforce classroom learning. The SFUSD recommends the following homework guidelines: up to 20 minutes per day in grades K-3 and 30 minutes per day in grades 4-5. Homework levels will fluctuate with various assignments.

Do Kindergarten students have a rest/nap time?
The transition to Kindergarten can be very stimulating for the students. Kindergarten teachers help children through this challenging time by providing mid-day quiet time through the first few months of school.

What is the expectation for parent/guardian participation?
Whether kids are just starting Kindergarten or entering their final year at Lakeshore, there are many wonderful reasons for parents/guardians to volunteer at school. It’s a great way to show your kids that you take an interest in their education, and it sends a positive message that you consider school a worthwhile cause. Many schools, including Lakeshore, now have to raise their own funds for activities and supplies that once were considered basic necessities, and parent volunteers are essential to organizing and chaperoning these fundraising events and other school activities.

We request that all parents/guardians who have children enrolled at Lakeshore participate in at least 10 hour of volunteer time per year. Find out ways to fulfill your volunteer hours.

Do children visit the library during school hours?
Lakeshore students regularly visit the school library with their classes to read, nurture a joy of reading, and check out books. We now have more than 11,000 volumes in our fabulous library that is comparable to the children’s section of some of San Francisco’s best branches. The mission of Lakeshore’s library program is to support teaching and learning in the classroom. Every class visits the library each week. Classes will check out books and use eRead on iPads during alternate week visits to the library.