Lakeshore Spirit Gear

We have various spirit gear items for sale to help you show your Lakeshore Leopard pride!

$40.00 – Zip hoodies
$20.00 – 3/4 sleeve baseball tees
$20.00 – women’s workout shirt
$15.00 – t-shirts
$20.00 – baseball hats
$ 5.00 – reusable bag
$ 1.00 – 3 stickers or pencils
$ 0.50 – 1 sticker or pencil

Most clothing items available in black and some in red.
Quantities limited.

Place an order

If we have everything in stock, we will collect your items, send you an invoice if you chose credit card payments, and arrange a time to meet.

If any item is out of stock, we will fulfill the portion of your order that is in stock as above and put you on the wait list for the next shipment. You will not be charged until we have your desired items.

Thank you!