Nominations for 2018-19 PTA Executive Board Going On Now

The PTA Executive Board is a group of parents who coordinate community involvement with Lakeshore Elementary.

We make sure that

  • Funds are raised to enable Lakeshore’s signature enrichment programs
  • Teachers have an extra $20/student to supplement the funds from SFUSD needed to stock their classrooms
  • The community comes together through events like Superhero Saturday, Halloween Carnival, and Multicultural Potluck, and is connected through several channels of communication
  • Incoming families are given an introduction to life at Lakeshore

Elections for the Board take place every year at the April PTA meeting. (See a list of current Board members)

All elected positions are up for a vote every year, but the most pressing help is needed in positions that will be vacant:

Please contact parl@lakeshoreelementary.org if you are interested in being elected for any of the above.

Terms are no longer than 2 years. You’ll have veteran volunteers on the Board so you will not be alone! We ask that you be able to attend Executive Board meetings once a month as much as possible, but the rest is as much or as little time as you wish to put into it. It’s satisfying and important to be part of this group which influences the experience that our kids have in their time at Lakeshore.

Thank you!