Personal Disaster Preparedness Workshop & Lakeshore Emergency Preparedness Plan – Jan 17 at 6pm

Are you and your family ready in the event of a disaster?

  • Do you know the emergency supplies you should have on hand?
  • Has your family discussed where to meet if you are separated in a disaster, and returning home isn’t an option?
  • Do you know where to find your student if a disaster strikes during school hours and students are evacuated?

Personal Disaster Preparedness Workshop
Lakeshore Emergency Preparedness Plan

January 17
6:00 pm

Recent events have reminded many people how important it is to plan in advance to minimize the negative consequences of a disaster. At this free Red Cross workshop, you will learn the actions you can take to better prepare for disasters such as earthquakes and home fires. Learn how to make a plan, get or build a “Go” kit for your family members, and be informed about what to do when a disaster strikes.

Mr. Hartford will also talk with families about Lakeshore’s Emergency plan. He will discuss such important information as the emergency supplies our school keeps on hand, the evacuation plan, and where families can expect to reunify with their students after an evacuation.

Food and childcare will be provided.

All are welcome!

To reserve your spot please RSVP with the count of children and adults attending by emailing everydaymagicinc@aol.com or call 415-681-9168