We Did It! And this week’s Paw Print Press

Congratulations, Lakeshore!

The results of the Annual Giving Campaign were revealed yesterday morning.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

Prizes are awarded to 3 classes with the highest participation:

  • 1st place: Ms. Fernandez, 86.4%
  • 2nd place: Ms. Tyler, 68.2%
  • 3rd place: Ms. Wu, 66.7%

And also to the classes with the highest total amount in their groups:

  • Kinder: Ms. Tyler with $13,905
  • Grades 1-3: Ms. Hopper with $4,785
  • Grades 4-5: Ms. Amanda with $7,161.50
  • SDC: Ms. Klein with $920

These classes will each receive a special party!

Now for the school-wide total…

Our goal was $60,000, which would allow us to save energy and skip the Walk-a-thon, Read-a-thon, Holiday Giving Campaign, Lunar New Year Red Envelope campaign, PTA Member Donation drive, and Class Funds ask!

Together, you pledged:

You crushed it! Mr. Hartford will be going red to celebrate your achievement and Lakeshore will be holding a school-wide dance party celebration on a Friday afternoon TBA.
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who donated and helped make this campaign a success.

Please review this week’s Paw Print Press for more Annual Giving Campaign details and thank-yous, and important info about the upcoming Halloween carnival and more:

And please also share your opinions about how to use the surplus funds that were raised:
We will take suggestions into account during the next budget revision.

Thank you!