Thanks for a great Back to School Night (and song lyrics)

Thanks to everyone for making Back to School Night such a huge success:

  • To the teachers for providing all the incredible insight into how our children spend their days and how we can support the students and classroom for a successful year
  • To Mr. Hartford for hosting such a fantastic event
  • To the Shannon Hunts and the amazing Room Parents who helped prepare materials and communicated the importance of contributing to the Room Fund, PTA and the classroom wishlists.
  • To the Mighty Lakeshore Community Band for the entertaining, creative and informative PTA song (lyrics are below for anyone who missed it)
  • To Everyday Magic and the PTA for providing childcare and Classy Martin for supervising our stellar folks from Stonestown YMCA and Lowell High School
  • To the students who were wonderfully behaved despite having a very long day


And finally, thank you to YOU, the parents, guardians and extended families who attended. You are the Lakeshore Community and the school is invigorated by your participation. Your attendance sets a wonderful example for the students. We had over 200 adults and 100 children participate.

A few reminders:

  • Join us for the Walk-a-thon on Friday, October 4 and the Lakeshore Picnic and Gardening Day on Saturday, October 5
  • Contribute to the Room Fund
  • Join the PTA — just $10 per person but it costs $200 per student to provide all the great enrichment throughout the year. You can use the wonderful online form (http://lakeshoreelementary.org/join-the-pta) to set up a recurring payment and $17 per month will cover your student’s programs.
  • Review the classroom wishlist periodically and contribute needed items



And for posterity… THE LAKESHORE PTA SONG (sung to the tune of “Side by Side”)

Money has surely eclipsed us
Down on old Eucalyptus
Your check we would love
(Made to the order of)P-T-A

Kids can’t go on field trips
Without a few more memberships
No museum or zoo
Without someone like you
In the P-T-A

Mimi’s thing with the pingpong balls
Sharon’s thing with paint
If you don’t cough up dough tonight
We ain’t gonna have ’em, we ain’t

Lakeshore’s a school of hard knocks
When the Xerox machine won’t Xerox
When it runs out of toner
Who does Mao phone? Your P-T-A


To keep kids moving like Zumba rockets
Better reach down into your pockets
Fund yoga stretching
And we’ll stop kvetching
About the P-T-A

If you give ’till you feel the hurt
The Lakeshore gardens will get their dirt
Martha and Jean
Require some green
From the P-T-A

When we get some revenue
When we get some dough
Then we’ll stop bugging you
And Matt will let you go

Take out a pen or a pencil
To end this song reprehensible
Lay out some coin
That’s how you join
The P-T-A